Supply chain maturity: Harnessing the power of data and AI

#AI and #MachineLearning solutions in the supply chain are advancing. Over the next seven years, the majority of the industry is predicted to reach supply chain maturity. Learn what technologies may become popular in the next three years with this infographic.

Allstate transforms the customer experience with Azure AI

Want to elevate your customer experience with AI? Check out how #Allstate is using @AzureCognitiveServices to capture insights from customer calls to enable a more seamless customer experience.

HTTPS Becomes Default For Google Chrome For Added Security

For the last month or so, Google has been testing the notion of using HTTPS as the default protocol for all URLs ...

Improve supply chain and cross-channel visibility as you enhance demand planning

Effective, intelligent data and insights are key to building a resilient supply chain and optimizing your workforce. Subscribe to learn how #Microsoft can help you improve cross-channel visibility.

Customer Story: Compass Group serves up a global solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365

All the tried-and-true processes and best practices in the world won't do your company any good if they are not being followed by employees. Implementation and follow up of company standards are especially difficult in de-centralized multinational companies like Compass, a food and support service organization with operations spread across 50 countries. To keep everyone synchronized, Compass implemented Dynamics 365. The intuitive interface meant more employees were happy to use it, increasing visibility and effectiveness. What insights are awaiting your organization? Let's find out together. Contact us to learn more.

Alaska Airlines makes shopping easier with faster flow of new e-commerce features

With @Microsoft, #AlaskaAirlines is able to launch new e-commerce features faster - in minutes versus days. Travelers get new offers sooner, which in turn translates to happier customers and higher revenues. Watch this customer story to learn how #Azure equips e-commerce sites with optimum performance and cost.

This expert says business will secure stronger supply chains post-pandemic

Many companies are struggling to recover post-pandemic. Due to lack of data and insights, they are unable to recognize areas of highest risk and react accordingly. Learn more about the predicted shift toward more intelligent systems in the future with this article from #Forbes:

Facebook Adding Physical Security Key Support For Mobile Devices

Many industry insiders consider physical security keys used in the context of two-factor authentication login schemes to be the final word in ...

Be Careful Downloading Clubhouse App On Android

Clubhouse has taken the internet by storm. Or rather, it has taken the iOS ecosystem by storm, since the company has yet ...

Another Malware Evolves To Gain Access To More Systems

One of the more disturbing trends this year is that worms are becoming popular among the hackers of the world again. We've ...